how to use chronic illness support groups to stay strong

You may be in pain,

But that doesn’t mean that,

you’re not strong,

That you’re not beautiful.
The pain,

It may seem endless,

But that’s only because you have been holding on for so long.
You think your strength is fading,

But you have not even begun the fight.


I know it hurts so bad,

I know the agony you live  in,
The disease,

Attacks your body like a madman on,


Destroys your mind,

Rips your soul,

I know you feel all alone

We wish it could be different,

We wish there was a end in sight,

But I’m begging you,

Hold on ,

And i ,

I’m extending my hand,

Please take it,

We will get through,

I’ll hold on to you,

And you can hold onto me.


We are so strong,

But together,

Yes, together,

We have superpowers!

Connecting with others with chronic illness is, in my opinion, a essential coping skill. Others who can understand and validate you, and go through so much of what you go through are what help you thorough.

Here are some great groups that I am a part of and the deats for a Jewish teen program that connects chronically I’ll teens with each other. Please share any resources of your own.


alone, we are strong. Together we have SUPERPOWERS!🚀


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