what is autonomic dysfunction?a day in the life

Living with autonomic dysfunction is pretty much like living in a fantasy universe for me. I drink magic potions, I see stars and auras.I keep wondering if I am a 👾.or maybe a 👼. Let’s go with that. I like that better.

Life seems to go in slow motion on flare days.


My daily schedule:

  • Get up. Wonder why I did that. ❓
  • Lie in bed for a bit, listening to some 🎶 or watching a movie.
  • Take out my clothes. 👕
  • Climb back into bed, vaguely noticing that everything has gone all blurry and shaky.its kind of like living g in a roller coaster. For hours at a time.😵
  • And then I wonder why I’m nastoaus.😱
  • Get up s l o w l y. Get into clothes while trying  not a fall down. 😜
  • Tick tock.tick tock. Try not to see the ⏰ while i watch.
  • Start getting ready. Same pace as clothes.
  • Stars.Aura. darkness. I am now entering alternative unviserses.👽
  • Get my magic potion ready (salt packets in a gallon of water. Its makeup💄 is the same as D5W.)
  • Go to school. 🏣
  • cold. hot flashes. cold flashes. hot agian.
  • Pretend to understand &listen while the world blurs and twists and turns. Sip my magic potion.♨
  • Eat chips, salty veggies, and in general enough salt to support the industry. Singlehandedly. Try to set a world record for water consumption for day.🚰
  • Go home. Watch more movies &music.try not to fall asleep.😴
  • Sleep. Home tommrow will be better.not that it usually is. But hey there’s always hope.;-)

Wait…wait…wait…so what is autonomic dysfunction?

autonomic dysfunction- overview

autonomic nervous disorders

autonomic neuropathy

Its tough living with this undiagnosed illness that baffles my doctors and wrecks havoc on my life. It plays off and exasperates my other illnesses. But I know that as long as I can make jokes about it, I will be OK. Because my illness has stolen so much from me, but it can never take my ☺.

this post is a part of a series designed to spread awarness about chronic disorders. if you would like to share your story, hop over here .

this is a response to the writing prompt “eerie


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