50 incredibly simple things to be grateful for even in the toughest times

Pause and remember — If you are reading this… You are blessed to be alive and today is a gift. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Don’t hesitate to forgive, hug and love those dear to you. – Jenni Young

With chronic illness, we miss out on so much in life. I feel like there are so many snatched opportunities, so many lost moment s. At this point, I’m sick(probably with thrush, a infection only a ENT can see) but far away from a ENT that can help.

At times, it hurts to read because my head is pounding, I’m really tired and my feet are so swollen and hurting I can barely walk so I miss out on so much,.it really hurts to eat or drink because my throat hurts so much as it goes down and coughs it up and my stomach cramps up as the food travels.


It hurts to write because I have so much chest pain.and i am just finishing up my latest round of antibiotics for a sinus infection.

So I think its time to take a step back from all this self-pity, however valid it may be and take a list of all that I do have and can do despite everything. Not because I’m walking around like a grump, because I’m not but because during the hard times I find a little gratitude is always helpful to keep me happy and helpful. So here’s a whooping list of things I-and you-can be thankful for even when our bodies chain us down.

I’m aiming for 50.

Disclaimer: I understand these don’t all apply to everyone. I tried to be as general as possible, but some things are more specific. I’m sorry if you don’t have those things.

  1. 💡 the ideas that come into my head that inspire me and fire up my imagination
  2. Simply being alive is a great gift
  3. 💤sleep -however little of it and at weird times I can get it (often underestimated, sleep is actually crucial for your health.)
  4. Radio-there is no WiFi  or cell service up here(im on vaction with my family for the holiday)so  its the only music and entertainment I have.(I know, no WiFi!)
  5. 🚰being able to eat and drink-even if it really hurts. I haven’t always been blessed with that.
  6. Breathing-even if it hurts
  7. knowing all bad things will come to a 🔚-however long and hard it takes
  8. My family
  9. 🚓a police force that keeps us safe-even when we complain about them.
  10. Being able to smell
  11. 🚒a fire department-and its dedicated life saving members
  12. Being able to hear
  13. 🚑EMTS who keep us safe and come rushing to our aid 24\7
  14. The ability to see
  15. 🚿being able to take a hot shower link 
  16. Being able to feel pain-that means my body knows when its time to stop and not really damage myself
  17. 🏡a house to live in
  18. 🌍-living in a incredible earth-the only livable planet is quite remarkable link
  19. Darkness-which helps keep my head pain a little under control
  20. 🌞that shines every morning without fail
  21. Music which helps ease my pain 
  22. 🌛that brightens the dark night
  23. Being a totally unique human being
  24. 🌲trees that keep me cool and kill out all the bad carbon monoxide and bring me oxgyen so I can breathe freely-theres a lot of them up here
  25. My talents that are all my own and help me see that there is so much I can do-even if I can’t utilize them, they are still there.
  26. ☕-that keeps me able to eat and drink without coughing it all up and somewhat reduces the pain.
  27. Bugs-that keep the food chain in place
  28. 🍴that I can eat with without looking like a caveman
  29. Memory that helps me remember the good times during the hard times.
  30. I can think of a 📃 of things to be thankful for
  31. My brand new tablet which keeps me sane and gives stuff to do when my body seems to quit
  32. 🎥which distract me from the pain (and watching sad ones like I like to during tough times can actually help you feel better.)
  33. Qoutes-simple, short and powerful.
  34. A 💻at home (which I really miss!)
  35. Having no WiFi-really hard for me right now, but its actually kind of nice and really gets all those creative juices flowing. It also keeps me distraction-free so me &my family can spend time together (otherwise we would all be on our devices)
  36. 🎎a blend of cultures that makes our world so interest ing and colourful.
  37. Water-it keeps us alive,cleans our body of toxins and lots of other pretty awesome things.
  38. 📨-My email which delivers great bite sized articles to me
  39. A epi pen-though I wish I didn’t have to have it, its a life saving medication.
  40. 🔌to keep my phone and tablet alive &well (is that the opposite of your device being dead?)
  41. My email newsletter where I can get a chance to connect with my readers and sharecmy favorite things from the web with them.
  42. 💊-keeps my symptoms under control (some of the time?)
  43. Clothes-they  protect me from the cold and heat,they give me dignity
  44. 💰-so I can buy the things I need &want
  45. Shoes-so I can walk places (like to the bathroom &back)without hurting my legs
  46. A 🚪to my room-to give me some privacy
  47. A room to sleep in-and not a shelter or on the streets
  48. A ⌚ to keep track of the time
  49. You, my awesome reader
  50. fall

There’s so much more to be thankful for, but I’ll stop here. I need some things for next time, and its starting to really hurt to write. But I want you to continue the list:what other great gifts do we have at our hardest times when our bodies rebel?


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