Anaphylaxis survival kit for dummies:how to react in a life threatening attack

Justa few days ago, I went into full blown anaphylaxis. It was not fun.It’s been a long time since my last one (well for me anyway.) i used to go into anaphylaxis from food and then from spring pollen, several times a week.

This is all my mast cells(i have MCAS) fault, you know and they never seem to listen.

On monday, i tried a new medicine called IVIG for my immunodeficiency. If you want to bore yourself with what that is, it’s right here, but very simply, the number of things in my body that is meant to fight diseases is too low, so they  take those things from other people’s blood and give it to me so i have enough, and then i have enough stuff to fight infection, which my body is currently quite awful at(no offense, immune system).

where was I?oh, yeah. So after they had gotten less then a teaspoon in, i started coughing-and coughing- and withering in pain, and getting tight, and getting hoarse- and coughing. It was quite awful. I  took my whole kitchen cabinet of medicine and thankfully, no epi pen was required.

But my two strikes got me thinking.  I wanted to vent- and it also made me think about how well it was handled- and how badly it was handled in the past. and not just by regular people, by medical “professionals” as well. So i wanted to share with you, on the subject of spreading awarness my first hand experience and  knowledge I have gained on the subject of anaphylaxis. Here we go.

so what it is anaphylaxis?

simply put, anaphylaxis is when your body goes certifiably insane.And it kind of says this to you:

Now, isn’t this article scientific?The reason why your body does this (not that it’s any excuse) is becouse it thinks of something that is really quite harmless (take peanuts as a example) and sees it as very, very dangrous. Because  it is so dangerous,  your body will try to  get rid of it using any means possible- even killing itself.

what are anaphylaxis symptoms and when to use epinephrine 

lets go digital with this neat infographic i made over at   pikto chart


and now it’s your turn to talk (finally!)

was this information helpful for you?

have you ever experienced or watched anaphylaxis?

do you have anything to add to this mess?(i’m sure you do becouse i’m me and you are you.very philosophical)

want to tell me even more about what you think and what you want me to talk about. i would love to here from you. just leave me something in the comments or fill this out. 

and you can ask me questions  right here 

thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Anaphylaxis survival kit for dummies:how to react in a life threatening attack

  1. Wow this is really helpful and insightful! Having never experienced this myself, it was really good to learn more about it! I hope you are fully recovered from the other day and you’re feeling better now! Lots of love, Amy xxx


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