3 powerful reasons why you need to share your chronic illness

Ok,today is a big day for me in blogging:I have made my very first infographic! Anyway,now that I’m done bragging let’s talk about why I lured you here in the first place.

I am really excited to share my brand new project with in honor of September being national invisible illness awareness month(although I really hope this will continue beyond now).

So I bring to you..

A project to help bring awareness for your disorder. But first,let me tell you why you should be interested in contributing in the first place with this shiny new infographic:


Now that you know why you should share, i will give you some ideas on what to share in case you are not sure where to start:

Those are just suggestions. You are welcome to come up with a idea on your own and submit it.

I reserve the right not to accept any story, but i will let you know why.

Please make sure to include:

  • Your name(let me know if you want to be anonymous)
  • Your diagnosis
  • You can submit your blog\website\social media links if you would like


How to submit your story:

email me at chamascraftycorner@gmail.com

Or use the form below.


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