5 reasons why you need to stop pushing your sick self 

I know,I know, we want to push ourselves no matter what the consequences may be. We want to prove that we can be okay even when our bodies are attempting to kill themselves.and besides,if we always give in the flares,when will we get anything done. 

But letting your body heal is super important.here are five things I tell myself to keep me in bed-even when its the place I want to be.I’m sharing them with you in the hope it will help you too.so what are waiting for?lets go!!!!

First off,lets talk about spoons and spoonies. I actually learned this term pretty late in the game,when I started social media networking with others with chronic illness.

So what are spoonies?

    Spoonies are people that live with chronic illness; theoretically measuring personal daily abilities much as one would measure the proper amount of spoons needed for an event or occasion… sometimes having an abundance, other times coming up short.-urban dictionary 

    Basically, people with chronic illness have limited amounts of energy , so if you push yourself too hard to do some things- you will have no energy left for anything else.  So save up your energy to do the things you must do, and save the stuff that are not essential  for a better day- or just skip them all together.

    Another idea is to do all the essentials first- and only do the stuff that you want to later, if you are up for it.

    2.Listen to your body when it talks to you-

    your body is talking to you all the time. Its time to start listening.Pain, symptoms, fatigue- that’s your body sending you frantic messages “hey!help me out!I am not okay down here!”

    If you listen to your body,you can prevent a really awful flare.more about listening to your body

    If you listen to your body when it whispers, you wouldn’t have to hear it  when it SCREAMS!

    3.Accept that this is not in your control.

    We like to think that we can be anything,do anything.but the truth is that we are only human.and humans have their limits. and your chronic illness is defintley one o those thngs that it totally out of your control.

    when i acceted that my illness,my flars were not in my control, i was able to let go of the need to be everyone and do evreything. i learned to stop punshing myelf and stop punishing myself.when you discover that,you will feel so free.so try and accept it so you can move on.

    4.you  can’t do everything. And that’s ok.

    we live in a society that likes to believe that anyone can do anything.But that I want true.not everyone can become a famous actor.we can’t all wow the world with our golden voice.we can’t all surf giant waves.

    And you know what?that’s what makes humans so beautiful.if you look at animals,you will notice that all worker ants have the exact same talents~collecting and carrying food. All lionessess can hunt and kill their prey. But we humans are special. Some can sing and some can act.some can build and some can type. And we are all needed to keep our world going.

    So if you can’t do anything and have to lie in bed,learn to see what you give the world with that.you teach others giving,compassion,self sacrifice.you teach yourself to accept your limitations~and live within.and that is awesome.

    5.Giving in to Your chronic illness does not you weak.

    they- or even you may think think that when you lie down or slow down,you are being weak. But on those days when you are taking a break,you are being stronger then ever. You are making yourself stronger then those who mock you.stronger then the voices screaming in your head. Stronger then your ego. Stronger then your to do list.

    When you can fight and conquer your will to do what you need to do over what you want to do, you are so,so strong.so give yourself a break.because you are strong enough to allow yourself to do this,despite everything.

    This awesome picture is courtesy of
    healthy place

    Instead of pushing yourself you can:

    1. Appreciate the small things
    2. Do micro actions 
    3. Do calming,healing easy activities~find over 15 great ideas here

    Now its your turn to talk:

    1. What helps you stop pushing yourself when you don’t want to but your body needs you to?
    2. What did you think about these tips?did they help you?
    3. I ____ through flares (push,rest,a little bit of both,etc.)
    4. Do you want more posts like this?let me know!

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