The scoop on the health boon of the 5 most popular leafy greens 

We have all been told at one point or another to “eat your greens.”it’s kind of weird that though everyone talks about it like they are the vegetable gyro,but if you were to ask them what the benefits of eating leafy green vegetables are,they would probably have to go ask google.

So I guess the article is so you and I do not have to do that,and can look smarter then everyone else 💆.maybe they’ll even think you are a gyre.


Welcome to day 20 of the 30 day chronic illness challenge.the chronic illness challenge is for awesome people facing chronic illness who want to become healthier and live happier.Today’s epic challenge….is….eat one of the greens listed below. 

This list is not a full list of all the green leafy vegetables at all. But I choose what I think are the top 5 most popular ones so it will actually be helpful for you in a practical way.

  1. Kale
  2. Romaine lettuce
  3. Spinach
  4. Broccoli
  5. Cabbage


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Kale has become all the rage lately and with good is low in calories  (just 33 in a whole cup)and loaded with nutrition.

Kale is awesome because:

  1.  It is low in sodium,making it a safe food for people with high blood pressure
  2. It is loaded with potassium~potassium helps your body retain water. So if you have fever or dehydrate quickly, it’s a good idea to load on the potassium.
  3. It’s low in carbs and sugar, making it a good food for diabetics
  4. It has 133% of the daily needed value of vitamin A in a single serving! ~why is vitamin a so important?
  5. It has no cholesterol~none. Zilch. Nada. Dig in,heart  disease patients!
  6. It has a whooping 134% of the daily value of vitamin c in a single serving! ~read more about vitamin C

Think I made this up? Its from the usda, ok?

How to dig into your kale:

Kale should be eaten cooked rather then raw. This is because when raw,kale blocks your thyroid from releasing iodine, a necessary nutrition.

How to cook it~6 healthy recipes

Now it is spinach’s turn.

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6 reasons to eat your spinach :

  1. Spinach is the perfect food if you want to lose weight it has only 5 calories in a cup.
  2. Spinach is chock full of Glycoclycerolipids ~so helpful I know. Basically,this long word means that spinach has been shown in animals to help protect your digestive tract from problems due to inflammation (mostly inflammation,anyway.(
  3. Loaded with vitamin k~this helps you maintain strong bones. 
  4. Anti inflammatory~inflammation plagues the chronic disorder population for many different reasons. Spinach has very strong anti inflammatory properties.
  5. Like kale, it is loaded up with vitamin A
  6. Spinach has lots of fiber~this helps your body get rid of the toxic waste leftovers that come with all foods. When you go to the bathroom,your body lets go of the waste and holds on to the nutrients. Lack of fiber is the leading cause of constipation.

Spinach is healthiest when boiled for about a minute.

How to cook spinach~5 healthy recipes


Broccoli, Plant, Green, Food, Organic, Natural

I didn’t even know that broccoli is a leafy green vegetable until today. What makes it a leafy green vegetable,exactly? Where are the leaves?

But anyway here are the reasons you should eat this tree vegetable leafy green vegetable:

  1. Low in histamine ~ideal for people in low histamine diets or with a histamine intolerance.
  2. This green thing is loaded with vitamin C
  3.  Lowers cholesterol~reducing the risk of heart attacks
  4. A good source of protein~protein=strength and long lasting energy
  5. Good source of calcium~for strong bones

find out more from my source


Cabbage~my source


In Europe in the middle ages, entire  poor peasant families would live off cabbage soups. It’s cheap, its filling and nutritious.apparently,until today it’s a actual diet plan that people follow to lose weight.this may be why:

Cabbages top 5 super powers

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  1. Cabbage is very low in fat and has no cholesterol~making it heart healthy.
  2. Rich in vitamins b6,b5 and b1~your body does not make enough of these,so it needs to get them from other sources,like food or vitamins.
  3. Full of vitamin k~maintains strong bones and helps heal Alzheimer’s
  4. Chock full of vitamin C ~a natural antioxidant that boosts your immune system to prevent diseases. This can be beneficial in treating allergies as well as it is a natural antihistamine.
  5. Full of powerful antioxidants~prevents breast,colon and prostate cancer and lowers  bad cholesterol

Counting the role of 4,5 and 6s,here are five healthy cabbage recipes:

And it’s almost over…just one last leafy green veggie here,guys (insert such of relief.come on,let it out,I know you want to)

Introducing …. Romaine lettuce

why its awesome

  1. chock full of fiber,and you know how important that is for you by now.
  2. very low in histamine-making it a great food for people with a histamine intolerance or on a low histamine diet
  3. ridiculously low on calories -8 calories in a full cup.
  4. promotes healthy eyes 
  5.  helps heal skin

4 healthy recipes to add romaine lettuce to your diet

and yes,i am finally done talking.

your turn

  • what’s your favorite leafy green
  • do you think leafy green veggies are the way to go
  • which vegtables should i talk about next



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