powerful reasons why your mind wants you to start coloring

this is day 19 of the awesome 30 chronic illness challenge

A new craze has swept the country with the arrival of adultery coloring books. Formerly seen as a activity  just for kids, it has know become socially acceptable for adults to been seen coloring with the arrival of coloring books tailored just for adults.

I am a proud member of this craze. It all started when I was hospitalized earlier this year with a serious heart infection. I was in the hospital for several weeks,really bored and really unable to do much.

When my friends visited,they dropped off a huge coloring book and crayons. I was skeptical at first,especially because they did not give me a adult coloring book,instead I got a Disney one. But boredom, and a need for a mindless activity won out, and I started.

textgram (2)

Since the, I have been pulled to coloring books, although I do prefer adult ones. I was intrigued when I found out that coloring is good for you, but most of the articles i read were very vague,do i went on a hunt go-to find just why and how coloring is good for you. I share what I found with you.

five places to find  great adult coloring pages:

  1. a amazon national bestseller adult coloring book
  2. browse a gorgeous collection on adult coloring books on barnes and nobles
  3. browse over 1,000 free printable adult coloring pages
  4. a huge guide of free adult printable coloring pages
  5. this beautiful journal doubles as a coloring book

so what are you waiting for?get out those crayons and start coloring away!

your turn to talk:

  1. have you ever tried coloring?How did that go?do you like it?weired out? hate it?
  2. what’s a healthy habit you have taken up that has improved your life?
  3. what do you think of the craze?it is cool?or just plain nuts?

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