Why you should substitute sugar and how to accomplish it

Sugar is a subject of some major controversy lately. Some people label it as “toxic.”there is even a book about sugar titled “pure,white and deadly. “There are many reasons some doctors have been pointing accusing fingers at sugar lately. 

Primary among them is the leading cause of deathto in America are type 2 diabetes,heart disease and obesity~ all of which are linked to people eating  excessive sugar.

How does sugar cause disease? When you eat sugar, your sugar levels spike putting your body on a “sugar high”that gives you a quick boost of energy,and then crashes suddenly.this crash weakens your body.

One of the ways to combat this is to cut down on sugar.but nobody likes things that aren’t sweet. More complex forms of sugar,that don’t cause the same spikes, offer a good alternative,although they too should be eaten in moderation.

Here,I will discuss 4 sources of more complex sugars. They are:

  1. Honey
  2. Maple syrup
  3. Agave syrup
  4. Fruit

    Lets take it from the top. 


    Sweet and with a distinct flavor, honey can do one better then sugar in most recipes by  lending its sweetness as well as its unique flavor.

    However,keep in mind that honey is sweeter then sugar,so use less of it.

    Besides for being a great sugar alternative,honey offers many health benefits and is chuck full of good stuff. 

    learn more about honeys incredible health benefits here

    Maple syrup

    am talking about good old fashioned %100 maple syrup,not “pancake syrup”which has dye and corn syrup.if you’re going for that, please eat sugar instead. Corn syrup is an even less complex form of sugar and even less healthy then regular sugar.

    Maple syrup, had a great unique flavor all its own, in addition to the moistness it adds to recipes. Use it in place of sugar in all your recipes, but remember not to put in as much as you would sugar. Maple syrup is much sweeter.I substitute three thirds of a cup maple syrup for one cup of sugar. There are recipes that actually use maple syrup and not sugar.I would recommend those for best results.


    You know You should swap your cookie for a fruit when you get a sugar craving. But maybe today’s the day to actually  start doing it. Stock up on your favorite fruits. That way,you’ll have them on hand when the craving calls.

    Agave syrup

    So ill make a confession:I have never actually used agave. I have had food with it,and that was good. I didn’t try it because my disorder makes mev allergic to everything,and I didn’t feel the need to risk a (potentially life threatening)reaction to another sweetener.

    But my friend vouched for it.she says that unlike honey and maple syrup,agave can be put in coffee as a alternative to sugar. It also works  well in recipes.

    Why you shouldn’t cut out sugar altogether

    After learning all the risks associated with sugar, people are sometimes compelled to just cut sugar out altogether. That My friends,is a awful idea. While it is ok to cut out white sugar and only use other,more complex sugar sources,cutting out everything is not ok.

    Low sugar levels=low energy,bringing fatigue in its absence. It can also lead to dizziness,nausea and a host of other symptoms. In extreme cases,very low blood sugar can lead to a seizure. So stock up on these items and not artificial sugar replacers, which do not put sugar in your body at all,unless you have been instructed to do so by a doctor.

    If you are not yet a part of the 30 day chronic illness challenge, now is your chance! All you have to do is 

    find out how to sign up here

    If you have any questions about health or chronic illness you would like answered, feel free to ask them using the shiny blue link on the sidebar or emailing Chamascraftycorner@gmail.com.

    Your turn:

    • Do you use sugar substitutes?
    • Share any good recipes you have tried that have one of these substitutes instead of sugar.
    • What do you think of this article?did it motivate you to try to replace sugar?


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