How to harness the incredible benefits of vitamins b6 and b12

Welcome to day 16 of the chronic illness challenges.

Today has a 2 part challenge (but not to worry its still easy)

Step 1:find out which b vitamin will be most helpful for you

Step 2:check the list to find a great source of that vitamin. Now munch away! 

First,lets focus on vitamin b12.
Ok,lets make a list,peoples. I’ve heard readers like lists. (But do you actually,reader?)

5 awesome  things vitamin 612 does for you me all of us:when *radio voice*

  1. “with vitamin B12, You can stop feeling tired and start feeling inspired.”~vitamin 612 is in charge of transforming carbs (complex sugar)into glocuse(simple sugar). And sugar=ENERGY!
  2. “Want a healthier heart? Get in your vitamin B12 to do it smart!”~scientists believe that vitamin b12 can lower the risk of heart disease,one of the leading causes of death.
  3. “Your blood pressure and cholesterol deserve to be can help them with a simple b12 dose.”~some evidence suggests that b12 can lower hypertension and cholesterol,also preventing the risk of heart disease.
  4. Vitamin b12 is essential for healthy hair skin and nails.~vitamin b12 plays a major role in cell reproduction. Vitamin b12 helps keep your skin healthy by reducing inflammation,redness, dry skin,and acne.
  5. Keeps you happy~when you are happy,your body produces oxytocin, a chemical that calms your body and has healing powers

Here’s a great  infograph from Dr. axe, my info  source for this list.

      So now you know why you need it.but how do you get it? I made a collage of the top 9 food sources of vitamin B12:

      Lets move on to vitamin b6. 
      Vitamin B6,also known as pridroxymine, has many health benefits as well. Lets go with listing 5 of them:check out my source


      1. Vitamin B6 makes you less sustainable to infections~it gives a powerful boost to your immune system. It recharges your immunesystem system to keep it strong against infection.
      2. By collaborating with your enzymes,b6 can help relieve arthritis and help bolster your nervous system
      3. Vitamin b6 deficiency can make your hormones go haywire and actually create emotional disorders. By adding back in vitamin B,these conditions can actually be cured!
      4. For those with skin problems such as eczema,dandruff, hair falling out,dry skin,acne,or even melanoma or psoriasis, this awesome vitamin can help treat your plays a big role in healthy skin.
      5. Vitamin b6 is also helpful for:MS,nauseou,anemia,arthritis,influenza,carpal tunnel syndrome and infertility

      So now you know its awesome.Here’s 9 easy foods to increase to your diet to get the good stuff in:

      That will be all,folks! 

      Now its your turn to speak:

      • So do you like lists?
      • What vitamin should I feature next?
      • Has either of these vitamins ever been helpful for you?
      • Did you take the challenge?

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