Do you want to know what the elixir of life is?

Why is water So important?

The way to think about water is that it is like a giant filtering sustem. Its swishes through your body, forcing out all the waste products in your body.
How does your body get waste in the first place?in all the food you eat, there are the “good parts”the nutrients that your body needs in order to work properly. But there is also the “bad parts”~the things your body does not need and can actually be toxic if your body does not get rid of it. You need water to force all that toxic waste out.

It also is your body’s train system. It sends all the nutrients, proteins and carbs to all the places where they need to go.without water, your body would be stuck,unable to get the nutrients it needs to the right places.

Your train also moves oxygen around your body. As you hopefully know,oxygen is super important and gives your body much needed energy. So that explains why, without enough water, people have no energy.

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4 ways to add more water to your diet

I think that we all get bored of water. I mean it doesn’t really taste like much,and doesn’t really look like much. Maybe if we could add a little flare to our water, we would be tempted to drink more water.

So here’s 5 ways to get more water in without it being boring:

  1. Squeeze in some lemon or put in mint leaves~not only do they make your water more interesting,they both have low calories, and pack in a nutritional punch of their own.
  2. Drink water with electrolytes~there are many brands of water that contain electrolytes, such as smart water,or Fiji water. I make sure to drink at least a cup of water with electrolytes every day. Not only do they taste better then regular water, the electrolytes help you retain water.
  3. Although they shouldn’t be your only source of water there are some fruits and veggies that have a lot of water,and can be counted towards your daily water count, such as cucumbers or watermelon. here are some more fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water
  4. Drink water daily. We all get used to and crave,the foods we eat all the time. If you slowly start replacing all the sweet drinks and soda you drink with water, you will learn to like it. Start with switching out one cup for one cup,and work your way up from there.

How much water do you actually need on a daily basis? 

the popular myth is that everyone needs exactly 8 cups of water a day. The truth is there are a lot of variables. For a healthy person, Dr. Pamila Brar recommends 13 cups for men, and 9 cups for women.

That’s a estimate. according to the mayo clinic, you need to drink more if:

  • you live a very hot environment- you lose water when you sweat.
  • exercise- again, you lose water when you sweat. make sure to hydrate right after you exercise. It is best to have something with electrolytes.
  • you have: fever, flush, diarrhea, or vomiting-  these can all make your body lose fluid.
  • If you are pregnant or breast feeding.

It may also be beneficial for you to drink more water if you have hypotension or diabetes   or some other medical conditions. Consult with your doctor to find out if more water would be beneficial for you.

So the challenge for day 15 is… figure out how much water you need to drink. Drink that amount of water.

If you are not yet a part of the 30 day chronic illness challenge, now is your chance! All you have to do is

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Your turn to talk:

  • Did this article motivate you to drink more water? Why or why not?
  • Did you ever try drinking more water to help you feel better? How did that work out?
  • What is a health change you made this year ? Did it help?

If you have any questions about health or chronic illness you would like answered, feel free to ask them using the shiny blue link on the sidebar or emailing


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