You know you have a chronic illness…. When you can relate to these 15 things

This is a part of the 30 day chronic illness challenge,which is full of great rewards and posts like this one. Sign up here

Welcome to day 11 of the chronic illness challenge! Today, I am going to focus on the healing power of laughter.

Laughter therapy is a recognized form of therapy in some countries. That’s Because scientists have discovered that laughter can really promote healing. When we laugh,free body produces endorphins,or “feel good” hormones.

So here’s something to help you laugh.if you don’t find it funny,that’s shows that you brain makes no distraction between real and forced laughter.



  1. Your medical history is the size of war and peace
person in disbelief: “that’s all yours?” me:”no, i forgot to save some er visit files.”

3.You are running out of things to watch 

i already watched this one… and the one before this…

4.You are starting to “like”,”share”and “hash tag”in real life

speaking of, like this photo

5.You are considering installing a call button on your dresser

6.when people hear about your condition,they magically transform into a fountain of wisdom

“so what if your doctor says it’s incurable? i’m telling you,chocolate makes everything better.

7. You are worried the ER will start charging you rent

You practically live there,right? have to explain to your doctor about your disorder

9. When you tell people about your disorder,they look at you like you’re an alien

10. If you went through customs at the airport, they would accuse you of smuggling drugs

*stares in horror* “that can’t all be yours”

11. You are starting to secretly suspect your doctor is a vampire

so we’re going to need to do another blood test… have more doctors appointments in your calendar then anything else

13. You are thinking of naming your pillow because you spend So much time with it

how does “fluffy” sound?

14.your doctors are always mysteriously on vacation when you’re having an emergency

“Who’s on the phone?oh.what’s the fastest way  out of here?”

15.every doctors visit ends with a referral

I needed those chuckles.I have been having a hard time lately,going through a really long flare.

Can you tthink of any other signs you have a chronic illness?


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