Can music make you feel better?

Music is magical.for every type of listener,there is something for everyone,whether you go for jazz or rock or classical or the many other kinds of music. It lifts us when we are sad, our favorite songs bring a smile to our faces, it sweeps us off our feet and onto the dance floor.

Earlier this week,I went for a EMG, a test that checks for nerve damage by giving you tiny electric shocks and putting in needles to see how your nerves react. So you can imagine by my description that it was not fun. But I listened to music the whole time. And the doctor doing the test said I was on his best patients.

Studies have shown that when patients listen to music during minor procedures,they report less pain and discomfort.and music had also been proven to promote healing in many different areas.

Lets take a look at some of the extraordinary benefits of music:

10 reasons why music is great for you:

  1. Music makes you 🙂
  2. Music can reduce pain and boost your immune system
  3. Helps put you to sleep and improves quality of sleep~music has actually been proven to cure insomnia in some cases
  4. Keeps your brain healthy as you get older
  5. Make your blood vessels nice and strong
  6. Music puts you in a state similar to hypnosis. Studies suggest that being in that state can calm down migraines, PMS, and behaviour issues
  7. A study on heart patients found that those who listened to music had lower blood pressure and heart rate.
  8. Music helps banish stress and anxiety
  9. Music helps you remember things
  10. Music can boost your workout by helping you exercise longer

For more detailed insights and more information,visit my sources:

Huffington post


collective evolution

    Today’s challenge:

    Listen to half an hour of music. You can fit in music anywhere~I listen while looking through social media,to help me go to sleep,while going on a walk or taking the train,while cooking~and the list goes on.

    When or where  do you listen to music? What’s your favorite song? 

     If you are not yet a part of the incredible 30 day chronic illness challenge,today is your day. Its easy,its awesome. Every day,you will receive in your inbox hacks to help you be happier and healthier.

    here you GO!!!!


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