How to make an emergency plan before a crisis strikes

Welcome to the sixth day of the chronic illness challenge!today’s challenge:ma is an emergency plan,or if you have one, make sure it is complete and up to date.

having an emergency plan may seem like a lot of work for a very unlikely possibility ~especially if you are a healthy person.

But when crisis strikes,a plan is crucial and there is no time to ma is one.this is essential if you have health issues. Emergencies are ate a very real possibility. Just remember :plan for the worst and hope for the best.the point of this article isa not to get you nervous that something awful may be happen.its  just always good to be prepared!

And now,I present to you a step by step guide on making an efficient and complete emergency plan.

1. Choose one place to store all your information that you will carry on you at all times ~it can be a app, a piece of paper in your wallet,or if you have one,the case where you store all your emergency meds.make sure its inn a conspicuous location.

2.type your name,phone number and address~I recommend typing it so it is easy to read.use an easy to read font.

3.add at least 2 emergency contacts~I recommend a close family member and a doctor,especially if you have a chronic condition

4.list any medications,vitamins and supplements you are on.

5. List any allergies~food,environmental,medications ~if you  have many list the worst ones and write many allergies. I actually made a list of the antibiotics I can do because I have so many allergies. 

6. List all medical conditions~no matter how minor

7. If your doctor has given you an emergency plan,make sure to include every part of it

8.put the plan next to your insurance card,or. Put in your insurance information

9. List any other important information~any surgical implants,such as a feeding tube, port or pacemaker. Or any proverbial information.

Some links you may find helpful:


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