What to do if life gives you lemons? Give a great big HUG!(day 1 of chronic illness challenge)

Tonight my reflux is keeping me up. In the quite stillness, I am suddenly flooded with ideas~whoa, what is my heart doing? I feel like its suddenly turned into a stampeding 🐘. Uh~oh. Bye comfey bed, pulse ox time. 
Oh, that was fine.but I am in so much pain. The bitter taste of acid reflux floods my mouth. The closest thing that tastes like it is hot soap. What a great midnight snack.

So here I am, trying to fall asleep while my chest and stomach feel like they are burning up. And that is quite literal. Acid reflux means~(ok guys, this is going to get a little gross, so if you’re the squeamish type, it might be time to go. That’s ok, just signup to get more gross stuff delivered to your inbox daily.) that the inner lining of your stomach is lined with something that is meant to burn your food. When that gets out of control, that stuff meant to burn food goes up to your throat. Ok, that was a awful job explaining. Ill do a better job with giving you a link. 

Everything has been really crazy right now, and for the past little bit. My reflux meds have stopped working. I gave been shaking and having my heart become a 🐘a lot lately. The reactions to my meds for my thrush have become much worse. Its just~crazy. And the worst part is that with MCAS, the more you are exposed to a allergen, the worse the reaction gets. So for the next two weeks, it will get worse and worse and worse and….

It’s tough times. It’s the perfect time for a hug. So I take my little siblings and hug them right, feeling it soothe me, feel the expressed love warm my heart.

And so that brings us….. to the very first chronic illness challenge:

What you need to do is simple: give  a hug to someone you love.or, if you want to cheat, you can hug yourself. 

Here’s why hugs have healing power:

hugs and oxytocin 

10 reasons to give more hugs 

What ?!you’re not part of the chronic illness challenge yet? Ok,ok no need to freak out just….

If you have already signed up, you will get an email to your mailbox with a link to a page full of encouragement, free games or prizes and a great many other things await.

Just click on the picture to take the challenge and become a chronic illness warrior. 


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