The shocking way to be happier.(day 2 of the chronic illness challenge)

You’ll ♥ this one.

Day two of the chronic illness challenge  is….

Watch a sad movie.

Yes, it is a real scientifically proven way to relieve stress  and feel happier!

Don’t believe me? these two articles prove it:

can watching sad movies make you happier?

why are we drawn to sad movies?

Here’s 5 of my favorites:

  1. Touched by Grace – Official Trailer from Donald Leow on Vimeo.This is a a remarkable story about a bully who must start over in a new town~where a down syndrome girl befriends here and turns her life around. You can buy it on is free for prime users.

The Fault in Our Stars – HD Trailer from Nueplex Cinemas on Vimeo.

This is one of my favorite movies. It’s about a girl who has lung cancer. It’s a 1st person narrative, and a brutally honest film. To pull her out of her depression,her mother brings her to a support group where she meets someone who will teach her the joy of living. Available on Amazon and Vudu.

my favorite quote from there:



 You can find the preview here.

A poignant story about a girl who was conceived to be a donor for her younger sister. Since birth, she had been used to keep her sister a tween, she demands to stop bring used a a human donor

3. where children play-preview

after her mothers death, a woman who has not seen her family for 10 years reluctantly returns to her hometown- and discovers she must be a nursemaid to her father, who abused her family.

I watched it on netflix



you can watch the trailer here

She was the perfect mother- with an irresponsible ex-husband and girlfriend- until she discovers that she has cancer. Both mom and stepmother must learn to accept each others differences as the mother must learn to ask for help for her children  as she begins  chemotherapy.   Available on Amazon.


watch the official trailer here

This comedic and touching family film follows the adventures of a shy young boy who is sent to spend the summer with his eccentric uncles. At first shocked by his uncles’ unconventional behavior that includes ordering African lions through the mail, the boy soon becomes enthralled with unraveling the mystery that has followed the uncles for years. Hearing tales of their exotic adventures involving kidnapped princesses, Arabian sheiks and lost treasure, not only brings him closer to his uncles but also teaches him what it means to believe in something… whether it’s true or not.- expert taken from official preview.

available on amazon.

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Your turn: what’s your favorite sad movie?

if you took the challenge, did watching a sad movie make you feel better? 



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