Dear chronic illness,do you really think you can win?


 dear mast cells, 

You have taught me how to fight.

You never seem to give up,

Even when the resistance is so strong.

You keep on fighting,

Every moment,

Every hour,

Every day,

You wouldn’t let the other side win.
When I tell you to just go away,

You never leave my side,

When I tell you to run away right now,

You never go back inside.

When a new potential trigger comes,

You almost never let me down,

You make me so sick,

Again and again, 

Every time.

Your determination,

Had made you fight over every new treatment,

Every medication,

And even when I think that you are almost done,

You always come back,

Throughout the times I think you are gone,

You are always hidden.


It may seem weird that I am writing this to you,

But its cause I know that you are deep inside,

I have the power to keep you alive.

Can a single part,

Ever be stronger then the whole,

Can some cells take all control,

Of a body with so many parts?

At times you do,

But I am here to tell you: 
If you,

Tiny cells in a body so large,

Can fight so much,

Cause do much harm,

Then I can only imagine,

How much my whole body can do,

To fight against you. 

There is nothing,

Beyond my reach. 

Thank you,

For the lessons,

About my strength,

You do teach.

My feisty little cells,

You have taught me how to fight.

There’s an amazing resource I use~I can’t believe I haven’t shared it yet!Its called pain companion. it’s a app that has two really great functions for us with chronic illness:

  1. A great pain diary~its easy to use, you just click on the part of your body where the pain is.
  2. An amazingly supportive community~it’s a forum so you can post any problems you’re having and get responses from real people going through the same things! You can also have a private chat with any member. 

I have gone thorough all the illness support apps, and this is the best one by far. It’s a warm welcoming community that is always there for you.oh, and did I mention? Its totally free!

I hope to see you there soon!

If you have a apple device get it here

On Google play you can get it here


2 thoughts on “Dear chronic illness,do you really think you can win?

  1. The color of the font on the background made it impossible for me to read the part about the app, I had to highlight that area so I could read it.
    You might want to change the background color. Just a thought.
    I love the poem.


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