What is the price of my miracle treatment? Too high

Here’s the 1st part of the story

So that was the law. No normal saline. Until now. Because now I have made the acquaintance of something called systemic thrush. And that, my friends, is a serious fungal infection all over my body.

It requires four weeks of meds, three times daily.

And I am so allergic to the medication I could not eat or drink at all after three days on it…and the one and only thing that can control the reaction? You guessed it, folks, iv normal saline. 
And so I’m back on it. It’s a very frustrating step backwards and it brings a lot of fear. I’m in so much pain and exhausted from so much going on… 

And it’s at those times… times when I feel like my whole life has gone out of   control….

I just wonder… how can I make sense? The horror of another serious infection with all the pain and symptoms it brings… the awful reaction to the nystatin… the low blood pressure… and fast heart rate…band the dizziness that brings

Its hard to find strength when your body has none. Its hard to fight when the battle seems never-ending.

Can I go on when I have no energy left? My diseases seem to squeeze all the strength from me… do I also have the courage to find happiness? To find peace in a dizzying reality? Can I have hope when my doctors seem so lost? When it seems the cycle will never break? 

My immunodeficiency does a very good job of inviting diesese Constant if lines open the door and extend an open invitation. I am tired. Its a never-ending battle. How can we  maintain our health and sanity? It seems almost  impossible sometimes. 

I’ll put in some quotes that help  get me  through the awful times while I continue my rant. 

Is there anything too powerful for G~D to handle? 

It’s when you’re in the darkest place, when it just too much, and itgo gets that close to breaking you~it’s when you hit rock bottom, you realize that you have been caught ~straight into G~DS hands. 

So here I am again, in this place with so much frustration. The iv takes over your schedule, the doctor didn’t send in the script in time, the needles come  out and bend.
But through the fog, the pain, the confusion. There’s a little voice insidev that gives me courage.it says:
You can and you will get through this. Don’t be afraid. I’m holding you right here. I promise I will always be there to catch you when you fall.

And then I know, it’s going to be ok. 
What gives you the courage to fight with your chronic illness.

So… the chronic iillness challenge.

Every day, you will receive two of these exciting rewards for completing the challenge:

A game~different ones each time

A freebie

A link to a awesome post or resource

Gifs and animations


And more!!!! 

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