The challenge to help you feel better every day 

I am making a planner out of my notebook, and while looking through pinterest for ideas of what new goals i can make for myself. when i came across 30  day challenges, i fell i love with them. i like that they have an end goal, and you actually feel like you’re doing something, becouse every day you overcome a challenge.

but then i saw that i couldnt do most of them. My chest hurts too much to journal.I am many times too dizzy or flushed to do exercise. I really wanted one for a healthier lifestyle, but I couldn’t find anything I could commit to. So I decided to create my own, just for us with chronic illness.

So will you join me  on a challenge that is custom tailored for those of us with chronic illnes?.I designed gif so thatyou most of the challenges  are doable even on really hard days.

here’s why you need to join:

1. every day, you will get a challenge, complete with detailed instructions. each of these are  scientifically proven to help with pain or symptoms.

each challenge will have:

2. a explanation why it’s so  good for you

3. links to find out more

3. you will receive awesome rewards for every single challenge you beat !


join in three simple steps:

1. Sign up:

Or here

You will get a password to access your daily rewards.

2. follow my blog(the buttons on the side) or follow me on pinterest to be challenged every day.

3. every day, after you complete your challenge, you will receive a link to get two totally free, awesome rewards!

Are you ready?Let’ s  do this!!!!!

Our journey begins August 1st. 


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