Your life is the greatest gift

I want to dance without a care in the world,

I want to run,

Feel the wind slap against Mr,

But my muscles are sore,tight and weak.

There are ideas in my head,

But the fog in my brain makes it hard to come out right.
I wish I could dance,

But my feet are achy and sore,

I wish I could sing,

But my voice is hoarse.


so many things i want to do,

but they remain elusive.

time slips between my fingers,

as i lay there,

sick and feeling so alone.
I  want to bake a cake, 

But my world is spinning. 

I want to go outside,

But it’s so humid,

It’s hard to breathe. 


i want to do so many things,

i whispher,

but my body wouldn’t alow it.

I’m stuck,

With what I can do,

And I feel like I’m missing out in life. 
I am missing so much,

Sometimes I feel so sad,

And I wonder,

If the sun will ever shine once more.

(This story is based on a speech from rabbi Jonathan riettibuilding an attitude of gratitude)

There was a man who was very distraught that he had “no money” as he was walking along he moaned about his bitter and course in life that he could not buy himself all the expensive things he wanted.

The man then came across the janitor. “How can I complain about my lot when I have a nice house and car, I can pay my bills? This janitor makes no money. He lives in the slums and he doesn’t even own a car.”

As the janitor was walking along, he thought to himself how unfair his life was. He lived in a slum, he had no car. He thought his life was so unfair. And then…he came across a homeless man. 

He said to himself  How can I complainwhen he has even less then me? At least I have a house to live in.

The homeless person was very depressed. He had nothing. He had no money, no car, not even a house to live in. Until he saw someone with no shoes.

And he said to himself at least I have shoes. 

The man with no shoes said he had nothing in life. He didn’t even have shoes or0 r a place to live. And then he meet someone with a huge smile on his face. And when he looked at him he realized the smiling man had no feet. 

He went over to the man. 

“Excuse me sir, I don’t mean to be rude.. but I was feeling so down… can you please explain to me why is it that i, who have two feet am do unhappy while you are so happy with no feet.”

Then man smiled.”you see, I was in the dessert with my friend. A snake came and wrapped himself around my friend and killed him. I killed the snake before he could get to me, but not before he ate my two feet. How lucky I am to be alive and to have only lost my two feet. “

Sometimes when I think of the tremendous consequences 

That comes from little things

I am tempted to think there are no little things.

 Bruce Barton


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