I scream,you scream we all scream for ice cream!

I have put in recipes for the lowest histamine fruits according to the list my doctor gave me. These recipes all have few ingredients that are mostly on the low histamine list. If you want to request a specific fruit recipes, contact me.


Simple sorbetThis also contains confectioners sugar, which may contain corn . check  the ingredients of your confectioners sugar.

Cherry popsicles if you can’t have agave, you can replace it with honey or maple syrup.

Ice pops on a stick

Ice cream cones


Peach lemonade ice  ~if you can not have Stevie, simply substitute sugar.

Lemons can be replaced with lime.

Chunky peach popsicles orange juice can be replaced with apple cider, lemon juice or any fruit juice with citrus.or seeds in place of bananas

Peach sorbet

Ice cream ~exchange squash for sweet potatoes

You can use avocado, milk, or seeds in place of bananas.

Sorbet  use dairy freeice milk of your choice.

Peach and ginger sorbet

Yet another peach sorbet

Easy peach sorbet


Pomegranate ice  caster sugar is regular sugar, just in smaller pieces.

 Pomegranate sorbet

 Pomegranate juice sorbet

top it off with or mix in:

Pure maple syrup

Turbinado sugar

Sugar syrup ~its just sugar in syrup form.

Chai ~you can also put it flax or hemp,they all have great nutrients while adding constituency without overpowering flavor, but I prefer chia.

 Coming up next in this series:more ice cream recipes!

  • Apple 
  • Cranberry
  • Vegetable 
  • Any fruit 
  • And more!

What’s going on:

Sorry I have been out for a while. I have been going through a tough time. I have systemic thrush which makes my chest kill, so it hurts to type. It hurts to eat and drink, it hurts to talk. 

To complicate things further, I am reacting to the meds that treat it. The good news is,I can eat again. I will give you a clearer picture of what’s going on when things calm down and my chest loosens up so I can type without making it worse.

Enjoy the ice cream! 





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