Merry go round 


Life spins us like a merry go round,

And we get tossed round and round,

Spinning in circles,

When will we ever be free,

My life is turning in front of me.


  things spinning all around,

And I can’t feel the ground,

Because my life just wouldn’t settle down,
And the pain is so deep,

Like the dark blue sea,

And my  body is twisting,turning,

Begging to be set free,

But I don’t know why its turning to me,

Because who am I to know how to redeem?

And the night is so dark and cold,

An awful fire rages inside me,

But I feel so cold,

Numb to the pain,

The drowsiness,

The dizziness,

The feeling so tight and sick,

The craziness has gnome on for so long,

I don’t know if I can remember a time without it.

Can I fight,

Can I be strong,

Against an enemy tha t can not be vanquished,

That has fought me so hard,

So long, 

Can I overcome it,
As it rips me while,

Can I ignore the defeat that starts,

To take control.


Then I feel the fire,

I remember the goal,

And I lift up my eyes to the sky,

I know I can,
 and I lift my eyes up high,

  way up to the sky,

 I know we will survive,

  because through it all we are  still alive,

we got the fire deep inside,

 we should feel a sense of pride ,

because we will  redeem ourselves right now like we did then 

soldiers on a mission, 

 as long as we have the yearning,

 even though the whole universe is turning,

 and everything seems out of control,

it hurts very deep deep within you,

you’ve got the power  within you,

 Keep On Moving,

 don’t stop,

 just keep going you’ll make it to the top,

 I kid you not,
because this is your destiny,

 you will set the whole world free together,

 you and me,

we have has been waiting so long for this day,

 so let’s put up your hands together and say,

 I can go on ,

I will be so strong,

 I will meet you there on the top.

My week

Sick,sick and sick again with a sinus infection that has been going on for two weeks without responding to any treatment. The pain is awful, and it sets off my blood pressure, so I’m dizzy and tired and comes a few times every summer due to humidity allergies paired with a immunodeficiency.
And it sets off my allergies, so that’s chronic chest pain and attacks throughout the day. It all adds up to a lot of staying in bed and just generally feeling sick. Hope to get a better plan soon from seeing ENT. Already saw allergist twice, and tried two different medicines. Justc when I was getting excited that the awful pollen season is behind us. Which leads me to:

So how have you been doing with the humidity? 


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