You can sleep better with these 6 proven and easy hacks 

Challenge for Day 13 of the chronic illness challenge is:

Follow one of these 6 suggestions for a better night’s sleep.

So I have been having a little trouble sleeping last night due to the combined efforts of my tachycardia,my pneumonia, and my acid reflux (GERD) having way too much fun lately. So I have been thinking about better ways to sleep.

so what are the benefits of sleep?Why is it so important?

Sleep is as important to our body as eating and drinking,maybe even more so. Psychology has discovered that after just two days of no sleep,people begin to experience hallucinations! We think our body is at rest  when We are asleep but our brain is actually very hard at work!It is busy repairing everything in your body so you’ll be ready for a brand new day!

Many of us with chronic conditions have trouble getting a good night’s sleep so over the years I have figured out a one great ways to help me get a restful sleep that can work for they are:

1. put on soft music or nature sounds-

I actually just started this yesterday and I was amazed at the results-I don’t remember the last time I slept so well! I just plugged in my tablet and had it running all night-I felt better rested and it took me faster to go sleep.

If you are having trouble sleeping or wake up still feeling tired,this helps calm your body down for  a great nights sleep.

spotify has some great playlists

You can also buy a sleep noise machine.

2.turn over to your left side

This helps your digestive track work faster, and can prevent flares with some chronic conditions,such as GERD or is also God for you heart,can relieve back pain and help boost your lymphatic system.

6 in depth explanations of why you should sleep on your left side

3.don’t eat after supper

It takes your body 6~8 hours to fully digest your takes work for your body to digest food. The food has to travel through your body,be broken down and sent to all the right places. This process can interfere with your sleep,because your body is hard at  work~and less rested.

Eat your super earlier and cut out the midnight snack to have a more restful sleep.

4.develop a routine

For around a half hour before you go to sleep, you need to let your body wind down so it gets sleepy.

The best way to do that is to develop a consistent,relaxing routine that lets your brain now “hey,its time to go to sleep.”here are some ways to wind down:

  • Read a book
  • Write a diary entry to let out your emotions so they dont jeep you up
  • Drink a warm,soothing drink~like sleepy time tea or decaffeinated tea
  • Take a warm bath with Epsom salt or a contrast shower~read the awesome benefits or both here
  • Pray~in Judaism,there’s a prayer to be said before bed where you entrust your soul to G~D for the night,and forgive everyone who may have wronged you.I find this incredibly relaxing. You can do the same in your own words.

5.dim your screen at nighttime

Bright lights can keep you up at night,even when you are away from your screen.the bright light reduces your body’s production of melatonin,which is the hormone that helps you sleep.

The worst type of light that interfers with sleep is blue light. I just permanently turned on a blue light filter on my tablet. You can find that  in quick settings on a tablet.

find out why blue light Is bad for your sleep and apps to filter it

6.make sure you are getting enough sleep

Finally,the most important thing to remember is to ensure you are actually getting enough hours of sleep.the amount of hours you need to sleep is actually individualized for each person,although there are estimates. Most people need 6~9 hours of sleep.

So how do you figure out how many hours of sleep you need? Go to sleep early on a vacation day. Turn off your alarm clock. Make sure you don’t have to get up for anything. However many hours you sleep that night,that’s how many hours you need.

This post is part of the 30 day chronic illness challenge, a challenge you should be a part of it you want scientifically proven ways to live better and happier with chronic illness.


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