Today is a hard day for me. I’m tired and flushed and tight and just not feeling well. But lucky for you that means I’m home in bed, and ready to redesign this website and take it in a whole new direction. So I  want f his to become a aqua center for people who  are struggling with a last cell disorder, allergies,asthma or really any chronic disorder. Here’s how I plan on going about creating it:
1.providing a broad range of  accessible,understandable information on disorders-from people who have it themselves and noted medical sources- covering everything from the latest research to understanding and treating symptoms
2. Providing support and encouragement- I hope to open up a chat group as a support group for people to share their challenges?-and posts with helpful guides, encouragement  and tips.
3. Share my personal journey-and I want to hear about yours to.
4. Guides and tips on alternative treatments that work, and practical guides on different aspects of dealing with chronic illnesses
5. Helping myself and you to stay positive and hopeful 
6.inspiration from a Jewish perspective
We are a team. And I want you to be a part of this. If you would like to raise awareness about your disorder by talking about it, or would like me to write about something in particular, please contact me
At or by using the talk to me page.

Our mission statement:

Lets provide hope,knowledge and support for those of us who struggle with chronic illnesses and their families


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