How to face the impossible challenge

Young man climbing natural rocky wall

:'(don’t let hard times get you down. Talk to G-D instead.

Sometimes we will be thrown a challenge in life which seems overwhelming and impossible to handle. It may be a child misbehaving or difficulties at home. But we would be wise to realize that at that very moment Hashem is speaking to us. He is telling us, “You can do this! You can overcome this situation!” And believe it or not, when we muster the strength to deal with whatever faces us, the results we produce may be more than ever expected. Instead of just telling another great story, we tell a life-changing story.

-Rav Fischel Schachter

Life can be tough. And sometimes, it can be very,very tough. And there is no easy way to get through challenges.It has been a hard month. and challenges seem to completely take over our lives-we can not face it alone. we are lost frightened. we feel there is nothing to do.

But there is an anchor we can hold on to-something that will make sure our journey does not stray off course. Challenges are  not G-Ds way of punishing us. They are his way of talking to us. Yeah, of course, we would all prefer to chat with him while sitting on our living  room coaches, sipping coffee and sharing some chocolate chip cookies.

But we don’t hear him when he comes to chat with us. Were kind of blinded by the world around us. So G-D has to shake us up a bit. But we only try to hard to talk to the ones we love. The people we care this is just a little reminder. Challenges are not anger. It’s communication.

We are so limited,so when an infinite being comes down to talk to us,we can’t handle it. It breaks us. It hurts. And it transcends our limited selves and helps us to soar -to infinity.

And it’s at those moments when we are so much pain, when we feel so broken, that we can be sure that G-D is trying to talk to us. And all we have to do-is talk to him. Tell Him you know that He is listening. And ask him to help you overcome whatever your facing. You’re so close. He’s holding you. He’s waiting for you to talk-and connect.
At that moment of pain, when G-D holds you so can break free of physical limitations and soar straight through the clouds.
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