4 ways to survive being hospitalized

Being hospitalized is tough. over the course of the last year, i have been hospitalized 5 times, so i know its not easy. I have also learned that there are many little things that  I can do to make the stay easier for myself. Heres my first list of helpful strategies that i have optimized and found helpful. 

4 ways:

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1.take yourself for a walk


I know. I know the only thing you want to do is lie in bed and have your food brought to you and sleep and sleep some more and then maybe watch a movie or to. And you should do that. Your body needs plenty of rest to recuperate. But exercise is important to. It will help your body heal, get you out of bed for a little bit, and make you feel like more of a person then just well, an attachment to your hospital bed.

of course,if your docotors advice you not to walk around,then you should skip this option. But most people can do at least a bit of walking. You can walk to childlife.you can talk a short tour of the hospitals hallways. You can walk just to get yourself a glass of water or just up and down your hospital room.you can walk to the nurses station just to say hi.

it dosent have to be very long or very far. But take it from me-youll feel refreshed and it will help your body heal a bit. Just give it a shot. You can yell at me if it dosent end well.


2.find someone to chat with

it can be your roomate, your nurse, your visitor or even the cleaning crew.you can just be friendly and give a hello, or have a nice long chat if youre up to it. Talking to people is a good way to ease some of the boredoom that being hospilalized always seems to come along with.

Also, in the hospital you get to meet lots of people that are very diffrent from those you have meat up in the past. Its a mesh of cultures, where all diffrent types of people are all gathered in the same place. You can get to know people like you have never known before.you will also find that the hospital crew tends to be a lot nicer to people who are friendly. And its a great way to stay postive and keep your mind off being sick!



 3.take care of yourself


In the hospital, its easy to skip things like getting dressed or brushing your hair-youre too tired snd sick to bother yourself with all those things .but those simple things will make you feel so much more like a person and it will make your doctors happy too!you will look happier and well taken care of.you will feel better. Oh, and its another distraction from the pain! So dont forget to:


  1. Brush your hair
  2. brush your teeth
  3. put on clothes -if your nurse will disconnect your iv
  4. take a shower every day
  5. make your bed or ask your nurse to make it for you

4.I know it’s really, really hard

You are a hero. When you go through challenging times and don’t give in to dispear you have becoume a hero. But heroes arent poeople who never have challnges. They are the ones who acknowledge their challnges so they can learn how to cope.

This is hard. Its never easy being sick.its never easy being in the hospital. And thats something you have to know. Its ok to be scared. Its ok to be sad. Its ok to be frustrated. And its ok to feel like its too much to handle.

once you can acknowledge how hard it is, you can move towards accepting that this is where you are right now. And the same G-D who created every part of you, who can do anything, who gave you everything you have, gave you this challnge. Becouse you are hero materiel.you can emerge from this stronger then ever before.

imageFeel better and never forgot-you can do this.you are a hero,


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