Break free

We feel bound in slavery
But at this time of year,we can break free

Its right before peasch, where we celebrate how our nation becoume free,

And here i am, trapped in these four walls,

in this body that will not obey me,

lips that betray me.


and here,you sit too,

We have teoubles so many,

we celbrate freedoom while we are enslaved,

to our desires, to other peoples will,to circumstances,

and yet-we profess to be free

seems silly when we are bound in chains of personal slavery.


And then i think,

maybe now,just like then,

we can be redeemed from our personal slavery,

if we just have the strength to break free.

can I?

can i brewk free,

when my body betrays me?

i begin to question if anybody believes me,

i feel as if the entire world has turned  agianst me,

does anybody love me?


a pain so searing,

it cuts so deep,

can my heart ever agian be complete?


i do not know how to break free,

so Master of The Universe,

can you please free me,

and protect me?

i feel so lost,

so helpless and weak,

will You carry me?


And then,

like lighting suddenly strikes,

majestically streaking the sky,

Hope and srength flies,

into my hands,

a gift sent from heaven,

at a point where we feel where we chained,

theres no way were in control,

so we let loose and out troubles to heaven do go,

and though we are not deserving,

Our deeds so taunted and impure,

shackled to this world,

nailed to the floor,

we can ask to be freed,

as they were then,

solely becouse they cried out to Hashem.



This year,how can you try to break free?leave your comments below




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