To eat and drink

Its sad really that we only see just how enmourous the gifts of pife are when they are taken from us.rav avigdor miller says that we have challnges in certain areas to show us just how many miracles we have in a daily basis that allows to take those things for granted.

So here i am,sitting on a coach in morgan stanley childrens hospital.I look at the lips and mouth are dry,begging,pleading for fluid.two days ago,my lips were a sickly pale white from vision was blurred and i saw two of everything. My head would spin,so i couldnt really get outof bed-that was risking fainting.


🍕🍧🍪🍹🍉🍌🍒.                 Can I describe how every part of me was desprete for water?whatever i tried to disract myself with, humans have a survival instct.nothing but nothing could take the need for fluid out of my head.imdo not believe there was anything i ever wanted and needeed so badly.                                            My forehead grows damp with sweat.i feel hot all vision last,unable to bear it any longer i take the tiniest most minscule drop of water.                                                                               I have to clamp my mouth shit so i dont spit it straight out.My stomach cramps so badly i clutch it in sucks inward sickeningly making me spreads straight to my chest is a burning chest is so tight,it hurts to throat is tight,it hirts,it burns. Again.and again. It can on for a long while,usaully reasulting in a need for treatment.                                                                                                         How can i drink and eat when it makes me so can i not eat and drink when it makes me so sick?the doctors are giving me iv fluids with sugar and salt.but that has very low calories and i have had no protein or real food with nutriens in days.          I have so many many fancy,amazing doctors.and yet-they all seem to be at a can they get me to eat again?jere in morgan stamley teams pf doctors are working very heard to get an answer to that question.  I hope they can find one soon. How i want to be home to eat the peasch seder.                                                    And it is hee afyer having spent so many yeas on this earth that i discover a hift we often take for granted. Do we appreachite jow our food travels smootjly down or pipes witjout intergernce?do we realize each bite gives us life and energy?

So next time you sit down before a meal look to Hashem.and say-how lucky i am to have food to eat.i get nourishment in such a delcious way?thank you for allowing me to have this bracha.becouse we have no guarntess of anything in life.we know only that Hashen runs this world.and he Loves us so much and only wants to give good.we just have to open our eyes and see how much good we are given.










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