the magic of food-types of foods and their purpuse

Today i want to tell you a little bit about this gift. We eat every day,several times a day.we all know that food is an essential part of our survival. Now Lets take a look at the diffrent types of food and what they each day for our bodies.                                              🍳🍖🧀Protein


What food has it:major sources include nuts,meat,seeds,peanuts,and whole grains.     Why you need it:protien is called the “building block” of our bodies. Our muscles and hair are actaully made up of protien, and lack of it can cause those things to fail.protiens provide us with amino acids, which are essential and can only be acquired through food.                                                                                                                Protein takes charge of the messengers in our body, ensuring that each part of our bodies does its job.protien regulates blood sugar levels,and keeps us feeling full longer then carbs and sugar,which is why high protien diets can provide for good weight loss.however,most protiens have lots of calories,so be careful not to overdo them.       How to eat it:mix both meat and vegteble protiens to make sure you get all of those amino acids your body needs.                                                                                                        Fats and oils 

Found in:oil,seeds,fish and nuts.                                                                                                  Why we need it : fats tell our immune system what to do,so we need it to keep us from getting sick.fats make our organs nice and cozy as well as well protcted to provding them with insulation. Our body utlizes fat to make hormones.                          How to eat it:although fats are essential,we only need it in moderate amounts. The recommended daily serving is only about 1 tablespoon of oil. Get your fats from things with omegas 3&6 , like seeds,walnuts and fish. The omegas are important for brain devolpment.

carbs          🍞

      Found in:grains, potatoes

 Why you need it:in one word,carbs are what give your body energey. Its the fuel that keeps us going.carbs help out the bacteria in your body that helps you digest your food.carbs also assists your body’s absorption of calcuim,which is crucial for strong,healthy bones.

How to eat it:carbs are divided into complex carbs and simple sugars.complex carbs,like whole grain bread,slowly raises your blood sugar,allowing for long lasting energey. Simple sugars,such as candy quickly pick up your blood sugar,allowing for instant energey-and an inevtiable crash.this can higher the risk of heart disease, so limit simple sugars.


Found in:fruits,nuts,vegtables,seeds,whole grains

Why you need it:Fiber is a actaully a type of carbs. Our bodies cannot digest fiber, so fiber becoumes the vacuum cleaner of our systems. It filters all the toxic wastes that are leftover from foods, and pushes it out when we go to the bathroom.

 The wastes are toxic and can be devastating to the body if not cleared out.people that are constipated should slowly uptake their fiber intake,as it should help.

Fiber also slows down sugar’s path through your body. This lessens the risk for diabetes and heart disease.

Food so essential,so incredible. As i sit here, dizzy and off balance, completley drained of energey, i see that so clearly. How i dream of food. I so want to feel normal agian.Its like theres nothing for my body to run on. Right now, im getting sugar&saline. I havent had real food in close to a week. So before you take your next bite, look at the gift your hands and see the gift of life Hashem has given you.

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